Peter Gabor for Fairfax County School Board, Member at-large

  • Full time HS teacher with FCPS since 2010, teaching Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics
  • Certificated in Math, Computer Science, Physics
  • Baccalaureate degrees from MIT in Electrical Engineering, Math, Computer Science
  • Masters degrees (EECS) and doctorate (CS) from Princeton
  • Also taught in NJ (Princeton HS), WA (Interlake HS), OR (St. Mary's Academy)
  • Sponsor of the chess team at my high school - we've won the National Championship title twice
  • Wall Street back end programmer with JPMorgan/Chase for 5 years
  • Software engineer at Microsoft for 5 years
  • I enjoy ballroom dance, mountain climbing, solving Sudoku puzzles, and a challenging klettersteig (rock climb)
  • I drove my car around the world twice (same car both times).


The only FCPS teacher running for the board

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[>>] The Board should focus on academic issues

[>>] Improve test scores

[>>] Reduce teacher attrition

[>>] Support diversity / inclusion - Work within the law

[>>] Build community values